Advisory Boards

We are dedicated to the authors and editors who publish with us, and the broader research community whom we serve. In addition to the Ubiquity Partner Advisory Board, we also operate a General Advisory Board to help us stay abreast of developments in academic research and publishing. Our North America Library Advisory Board provides perspective from the library community and is in the process of expanding internationally. And we will soon be establishing special interest groups to gather input from members of the broader community in more specific areas.

Partner Advisory Board

The Ubiquity Partner Advisory Board represents our publishing partners and guides our adherence to the Customer Charter. The company is represented on the Board by Brian Hole (CEO) and Tom Mowlam (COO).

  • Nirmala Menon
    Assistant Professor and Head, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology Indore
  • Helen Porter
    Research Support Manager, London School of Economics
  • Peter Potter
    Director, Publishing Strategy, Virginia Tech (Board Chair)
  • Wilhelm Widmark
    Library Director, Stockholm University Library

General Advisory Board

The Ubiquity General Advisory Board advises the CEO and Management Team on all aspects of the business, including trends within academia, the library community, technology and the broader world.

  • David de Roure
    Professor of e-Research, University of Oxford
  • Simon Hodson
    Executive Director, CODATA
  • Iryna Kuchma
    Open Access Programme Manager, EIFL
  • Pierre Mournier
    Associate Director, OpenEdition and Coordinator, OPERAS
  • Jason Priem
    Cofounder, Impactstory
  • David Prosser
    Executive Director, Research Libraries UK

North America Library Advisory Board

The North America Library Advisory Board consists of academic librarians within the United States and Canada with expertise in scholarly communication, digital scholarship, and library publishing. Library Advisory Board members are important voices in the Ubiquity community and provide feedback to ensure that our services align with library values and benefit the community in shifting to sustainable open access publishing.

  • Ivy Anderson
    Director, Collection Development and Management, California Digital Library
  • Lindsay Cronk
    Head of Collection Strategies, University of Rochester
  • Rebel Cummings-Sauls
    Director of Digital Services and OER, Florida Academic Library Services Cooperative
  • DeDe Dawson
    Science & Scholarly Communication Librarian, University of Saskatchewan
  • April Hathcock
    Director of Scholarly Communications & Information Policy, New York University
  • Inba Kehoe
    Copyright Office and Scholarly Communication Librarian, University of Victoria
  • Sarah Melton
    Head of Digital Scholarship, Boston College
  • Allegra Swift
    Scholarly Communication Librarian, University of California San Diego
  • Megan Wacha
    Scholarly Communications Librarian, City University of New York